Denver South Park and Pacific Historical Society

DSP&P Historical Society Conventions

One of the most enjoyable activities of the Denver, South Park & Pacific Historical Society is their annual convention. Narrow gauge enthusiasts from as far away as England and the Netherlands have attended these gatherings.

Sites for these gatherings change from year to year to cover practically every mile of the narrow gauge trackage of the Colorado & Southern. Conventions have been based in Bailey, Buena Vista, Denver, Fairplay, Golden, Gunnison, Idaho Springs, Frisco, Denver and Leadville. Although we generally return to the same location every seven years, there is always something new to see. No matter how often we walk or ride a given section of this historic line, something new can be found.

2024 Convention Details

Enjoy some photographs from earlier conventions:
2023 Convention Fairplay
2022 Convention Gunnison 2021 Convention Leadville
2020 Convention CANCELLED 2019 Convention in Bailey
2018 Convention in Frisco 2017 Convention in Golden
2016 Convention in Buena Vista 2015 Convention in Fairplay
2014 Convention in Gunnison 2013 Convention in Leadville
2012 Convention in Bailey 2011 Convention in Denver
2010 Convention in Frisco/Breckenridge 2009 Convention in Buena Vista
2008 Convention in Leadville 2007 Convention in Idaho Springs
2006 Convention in Gunnison 2005 Convention in Fairplay
2004 Convention in Bailey 2003 Convention in Leadville
2002 Convention in Buena Vista 2001 Convention in Idaho Springs
2000 Convention in Gunnison 1999 Convention in Fairplay