Denver South Park and Pacific Historical Society

DSP&P Historical Society 2011 Convention - Denver, CO

The 13th annual DSP&PHS convention started at the Colorado Railroad Museum, where many members enjoyed a ride on Rio Grande Southern Galloping Goose No. 7. While this isn't a relic from the DSP&P/C&S, it was a rare opportunity to re-enact a piece of narrow gauge history. We were also privileged to view the rehabilitation work on DL&G engine No. 191. Donations from our restoration fund played a part in this important work.

After lunch, the group set out for its first exploration - the last remaining stretch of C&S narrow gauge roadbed on the Morrison Branch. We braved the hot sun and walked up to about a 1/2-mile-stretch of right-of-way that hasn't yet succumbed to development. When we descended into Morrison, Todd Hackett pointed out the former locations of the depot and roundhouse, both of which have long been paved over.

Saturday was perfect for a school bus ride to South Platte and points beyond. Our first stop was at Foxton, where 91-year-old Dave Rainey joined the group. Dave has lived in the Buffalo area since 1930 and worked for the C&S and Union Depot for 41 years; he was a fine tour guide for this area.

We visited Dome Rock and the Westall Monument, site of a wreck in which engineer Billy Westall died, and moved on to South Platte. As we gathered at the old hotel, a sound was heard in the canyon for the first time in many, many years - a C&S steam whistle! What a welcome surprise! Joe Moore brought his working steam whistle mounted on compressed air tanks to give us a thrill.

We later drove the old roadbed to the turnoff for the Nighthawk Branch, then moved on to the Silica Branch, site of Silicated Brick and Clay Co.

Sunday morning included a visit the Byers-Evans House or a walking tour of downtown Denver. The opportunity to visit the railroad layout at Union Station was - literally - washed out by heavy thunderstorms and flooding earlier in the summer.

All in all, this was quite an eventful and enjoyable trip. We already look forward to 2012, when we'll meet in Bailey, Aug. 3-5.




The oldest locomotive in Colorado, DL&G No. 191, has been cosmetically restored at the Colorado Railroad Museum.


Pat Windolph Photo


The highway sign appears to be pointing to the line of DSP&P fans who are trudging their way along the last segment of roadbed on the Morrison Branch during the first day of our 2011 convention.


Tim Dannels Photo


Guest Dave Rainey regales the group at Foxton. Dave's stories of the C&S in the Platte Canyon area were a highlight of this year's convention.


Todd Hackett Photo


Dome Rock is a landmark in Platte Canyon.

Dan Windolph Photo


Too bad there isn't a way to re-create in print the wonderful sound of Joe Moore's C&S steam whistle at South Platte. There are three whistles mounted on the air tank; the C&S is the one in the middle.


David Primus Photo


Convention attendees gathered in front of the South Platte Hotel for our annual group picture. Joe Moore's C&S whistle accompaniment made the moment all the more festive.

Todd Hackett Photo


This tower is all that remains of a brick kiln on the Silica branch.

Dave Primus Photo


The group tour of the Byers-Evans House stepped off Sunday morning and was enjoyed by all who participated.


Photo courtesy of Byers-Evans House