Denver South Park and Pacific Historical Society

DSP&P Historical Society 2004 Convention - Bailey, CO

Members of the DSP&PHS met in Bailey in 2004 for the sixth annual convention and, as usual, had a wonderful time.  Many of the group stayed at the Glen Isle Lodge, a well-known resort near Bailey that dates back to the 1920s.  And that was a good thing, as the owner, Mrs. Barbara Tripp, agreed to be our guest speaker the first night of the get-together.  Mrs. Tripp’s parents were the original owners of the Glen Isle and she had spent almost all of her life there, so she had many wonderful stories of the South Park Line from the 1920s and ’30s.  Other events included exploring the South Platte area and the opportunity to operate a handcar at the top of Kenosha Pass.



Group assembled at the remains of the South Platte Hotel.  From this point the old roadbed left the auto road and followed the South Platte River through Waterton Canyon into Denver.


Stop for a leg stretch at “Rolling Stone Curve” between Foxton and South Platte.


Our excursion bus. Fondly remembered by all who rode it and prayed it would get us back to Bailey.


The Westall monument still stands along the line just west of the station of Dome Rock.  Erected on September 4, 1899.


On top of Kenosha Pass some track has been laid, complete with a stub switch and an Armstrong hand car was on site for rides for the brave and fearless.


Evening meeting at the Platte Canyon school.  A featured speaker was Mrs. Tripp, owner of the Glen Isle where most stayed.  She remembered the trains coming by and the trainmen waving to the children.