Denver South Park and Pacific Historical Society

DSP&P Historical Society 2007 Convention - Idaho Springs, CO

Idaho Springs welcomed the DSP&PHS for a second time in 2007.  Our planned excursion on the Georgetown Loop Railroad had to be abandoned, as the train was not operating because of severe mechanical difficulties.  But, we soldiered on and made trips to Dumont and several mines.  Saturday, we drove to the town site of Waldorf, on the Argentine Central Railway and explored the site of the Santiago Mine and Mill.  Sunday, we hiked the roadbed of the 2-foot gauge Dumont, Silver Creek and Lamartine Railway.  In a special ceremony, Cliff Mestel was named a lifetime member of the society, thanks to his wonderful efforts in getting the group – and the conventions – up and running.  Click here for the model contest.


The group assembled at the Silver Plume depot waiting for the train (which unfortunately never came!). Anyway we had a good tour of the shops and maintenance facilities.


View of the world famous Georgetown Loop High Bridge from a view point on Interstate 70 below Silver Plume


More of the loop trackage


Some of the group assembled at the now vacant site of Waldorf, the last stop before the Argentine Central Ry. began its spectacular climb up to the top of Mount McClellan.  Said to be the highest non-cog railway in the world.


The remains of the Santiago mine.  In remarkable condition considering the many years of timberline weather with no maintenance.  Our own board member Brian Adams once worked in this mine but that was long after the railroad ceased to run.


Much of the original equipment for the ball mill is still in place.  Even with the railroad gone it was still working low grade ore into the middle 1980's.




Part of the trestle at the Santiago that carried the ore to the mill. Much of the light weight mine rail is still to be found around the site.


The group assembling for the hike to the Lamartine Mine. A remote dig on the south side of the valley above Clear Creek.


Hike along what is left of the grade of this unique 2 foot gauge mine spur.  Motive power was said to be donkeys for the ore cars.