Denver South Park and Pacific Historical Society

DSP&P Historical Society 2019 Convention - Bailey, CO

The 21st annual convention, based at the historic Glen Isle Lodge, saw 48 attendees enjoy the beautiful Bailey area. Registration was on the front porch of the lodge Friday morning. After lunch the group stopped at Helen Tatum McGraw Park and then on to tour original grade just west of Shawnee near the North Fork ranch. It was a beautiful and quiet area we have not seen before. That evening we ate dinner in the Lodge dining room while watching the Helen Tatum McGraw film on the C&S. Greg and Ruth Vincent then talked to us about their improvements and plans for the lodge.

Class picture at the refurbished Estabrook bridge, Photo by J.W. Stevens

Glen Isle Lodge Today

Glen Isle Lodge Postcard

The Glen Isle Wait Station in Helen McGraw Tatum Park, Photo by Bob Schoppe

Conversing on the bridge in Helen McGraw Tatum Park, Photo by J.W. Stevens

James McKay showing one of his videos, Photo by J.W. Stevens

Bob Schoppe receiving the Hall of Fame award from Steve Thompson, Photo by J.W. Stevens

New Hall of Fame inductee Bob Schoppe, Photo by J.W. Stevens

Once a Depot, now a home, Photo by Charlease Elzenga

Members on the Estabrook hike, Photo by J.W. Stevens

One of the many intact rock walls along the grade below Estabrook, Photo by Bob Schoppe

Sheron and Bob on the Estabrook grade, Photo by Charlease Elzenga

Kor Elzenga and Michael Van Hall enjoy conversing in their native Dutch. Photo by J.W. Stevens

Bridge remains along the grade, Photo by Charlease Elzenga

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