Denver South Park and Pacific Historical Society

DSP&P Historical Society 2006 Convention - Gunnison, CO

Gloomy weather couldn’t dampen the spirits of DSP&PHS members as we assembled in Gunnison for our eighth convention.  We explored the never-completed Ohio Creek extension of the DSP&P and the next day, trooped up to the West Portal of the Alpine Tunnel.  The skies opened up on us there, but a cheery fire in the woodstove at the telegraph office, manned by U.S. Forest Service personnel, helped a lot.  We persevered and were able to see the sights of Sherrod Loop, Midway Tank, the town site of Quartz and the few remnants of Woodstock on our way back to town.  On a bright, sunny Sunday morning, we then explored sites of several historic Gunnison locations.

Gathering of convention attendees at Quartz after the trip to Alpine Tunnel.

View of Sherrod Loop and Palisades from the summit of Central Mountain on the Canyon Creek Trail.

An example of the country the South Park built their railroad through.  Both spectacular and challenging.

Photo courtesy Matt Burt


View towards the telegraph office with some restored track at the Alpine Tunnel.


The Pitkin Depot is still standing and nicely maintained as a private residence.


The stone wall that was part of the unfinished Ohio Pass branch.  The next step on the way to the Pacific Ocean.  However, this is as far as they got.  Construction stopped almost before it began in 1881.


View from along the unfinished wall.  Had this section been completed and put into operation it would have been almost as impressive as the Palisades at the tunnel.

Dave Primus Photo