Denver South Park and Pacific Historical Society

1st Annual DSP&P Historical Society 1999 Convention - Fairplay, CO

During the summer of 1999, Society founder Cliff Mestel decided that the fledgling Denver, South Park and Pacific Historical Society needed to have a convention – a place for members to meet each other, socialize a bit and explore the highways and byways of the South Park Line.  On Aug. 13, 1999, 12 hardy souls gathered at the Park County Fairgrounds in Fairplay, Colo. and a tradition was born.  The group explored the Leavick and London Junction branches of the DSP&P, visited the railroad display at Breckenridge and even followed the old roadbed to the point where it disappears into Dillon Reservoir on its way to the now flooded town of Dickey.  Baker Tank on Boreas Pass provided a great backdrop for the first-ever group photo.  It was a great time, and we’re proud to say that most of the original 12 attendees have come to every subsequent convention and all are still members of the society.

Eleven members of the Denver, South Park and Pacific Historical Society gathered at Baker Tank on Boreas Pass for the first annual group photo on Aug. 14, 1999.  The twelfth attendee, Bob Schoppe, missed the picture because he was home cooking hamburgers for the group.  Pictured, from left, are Jack Bartlett; Bernice Wallace; Todd Hackett; Joanne and Gary Schwenke; Cliff Mestel; Dave and Carol Primus; Pat and Dan Windolph; Art Wallace.

Todd Hackett and Dan Windolph have a word as they walk away from the boardinghouse atop Boreas Pass at the first DSP&PHS convention in August 1999.
On August 14, 1999, members of the DSP&PHS explored the Leavick branch of the South Park line, located between Fairplay and Alma.  From left are Gary Schwenke, Art Wallace, Cliff Mestel, Dave Primus, Todd Hackett and Dan Windolph.
DSP&PHS members toured the railroad display at Breckenridge, Colo. on Aug. 14, 1999. Rotary snow plow 01 is the featured item in this display.