Denver South Park and Pacific Historical Society

DSP&P Historical Society 2008 Convention - Leadville, CO

The 10th annual DSP&PHS convention in Leadville was, by all accounts, another rousing success.  The weather cooperated and it only rained on us in the evening or when we had inside activities planned.  We rode the Leadville, Colorado & Southern Railroad and had a tour of the roundhouse and shop facilities.  On Saturday, we checked out many remnants of C&S trackage and explored the area where the C&S and standard gauge Colorado Midland Railway crossed paths.  Some took a tour of the Lake County Library and many enjoyed visiting the National Mining Hall of Fame and Museum.  Sunday was an incredible opportunity to explore what little remains of the towns of Kokomo and Robinson, soon to be completely covered over by the Climax Molybdenum Mine.  Our 10th anniversary, complete with wine and cheese celebration, was certainly memorable.  We’re going back to Buena Vista in 2009.  View some of the C&S models here.


As our conventions grow, so does the space required to get a group photo.  The water tank on the LC&S highline served the purpose for this year.

Stephanie Olson, owner of the Leadville, Colorado & Southern Railroad, leads members of the DSP&PHS on a tour of the roundhouse.

Everyone enjoyed the beautiful scenery from the LC&S train.

Trains still run on the original grade of the South Park line.


Jan Harvey raises a toast to our group at the wine and cheese get-together at the Columbine Motel, commemorating our 10th anniversary.  She and Carol Primus did a great job of putting the party together.

Tom Klinger raises the crowd to a fever pitch of bidding during the auction held Saturday night at the Leadville Elks Club.  Todd Hackett graciously donated books and prints with the proceeds going to the DSP&PHS general fund.

Members gather and then spread out to explore the town site of Kokomo, soon to be gone forever.  No buildings or foundations still exist, but it was fun trying to decide where things were. This expedition was a rare treat.