Denver South Park and Pacific Historical Society

DSP&P Historical Society 2002 Convention - Buena Vista, CO

Buena Vista was the host city for 2002’s DSP&PHS convention.  We explored roadbed through Trout Creek Pass, as well as up to St. Elmo and Hancock and all points in between, courtesy of a Buena Vista School District bus.  It was almost like being in junior high school again, but the history lessons were much more interesting.  A meeting highlight was member Ray Perschbacher – grandson of Joe, great-nephew of Oscar – presenting his family recollections of working on the South Park Line.  We also visited the original Buena Vista depot in its life as the office for a local motel.  Who knew that only a year later, we would be heavily involved in its rehabilitation and restoration?


Convention group assembled at the box car above St. Elmo.

This is believed to be the oldest narrow gauge car still in existence.  It was built in 1872.

Originally #25192 on the the Kansas Central narrow gauge it was moved to the Denver, Leadville & Gunnison in 1890 and retained the same number until the C&S re-numbered it 7681.

In 1908 it was taken out of service and set on the ground above St. Elmo as a bunk car.


Even less remains of the 2nd box car on the St. Elmo site.  But it does still show part of the logo for the Colorado & Southern.  A bit newer than the first car.


A house built on the bridge abutments for the original DSP&P line over the Arkansas River just north of Nathrop.


Another view of the house and the still standing bridge abutments taken from the modern Rio Grande (now Union Pacific) bridge just east of the original DSP&P crossing.


A few of the tools and artifacts that were found in the area.



The remains of the pit for the scale house set just a couple hundred yards north of the original location of the Buena Vista DL&G depot.  Just north of here there was a turnout that led to one of the early smelters.