Denver South Park and Pacific Historical Society

DSP&P Historical Society 2005 Convention - Fairplay, CO

The DSP&PHS convention in 2005 was headquartered in Fairplay.  This was the first “repeat engagement” for a convention, but only 12 had attended the first one and there were 46 attendees this year, so everything was new to most of the folks.  A new stop was at Garo, where we were able to explore the remains of a wye and the twin water tanks that once served the line.  We also followed the Leavick Branch to the London Mill and visited Alma’s museum.  Sunday, we toured the remains of coalmines in King Park.  Bob Schoppe’s excellent PowerPoint presentations in the evenings kept us “on track” for each day’s events.  It was decided to do another repeat in 2006 – back to Gunnison!

The group for this year assembled in front of the roundhouse doors in Como.  A tour of the inside was also made available.


Members of the DSP&PHS spotted the remains of one of the twin water tanks on the line between Garo and Fairplay during our 2005 convention.


Our trusty school bus, courtesy of the Fairplay School District, took us to Garo and many other places.


The London Mill, near Alma, was served by the London, South Park & Leadville Railroad.


The Alma Fire House and Mining Museum was a special stop on our 2005 tour.  (Alma’s public restrooms, a block away, were also popular.)


Art Wallace takes a break during our exploration of the remains of coalmines near King Park.


Bob Schoppe describes all the wonderful things we’re going to see at King Park.  On a bright Sunday morning, he appears to be preaching to the choir.