Denver South Park and Pacific Historical Society

DSP&P Historical Society 2022 Convention - Gunnison, CO

The 2022 Society Convention was held in Gunnison. A good time was had by all. Registration was Thursday morning at the Gunnison Museum.

The 2023 convention will be in Fairplay, Thursday-Friday-Saturday, August 17-18-19 (Como on Saturday).

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On Friday we stopped in Pitkin and were treated to a tour of the original DSP&P depot.
Front row, left, is Joe Grenawalt, owner of the Pitkin depot.
Photo by Bob Schoppe.


The Gunnison Pioneer Museum. The original DSP&P grade went through this property.
Photo by Bob Schoppe.


Once Mason Bogies roamed here... Dave Primus fills in the gang on what was once the main line in Gunnison
Photo by Bob Schoppe.


North of Gunnison, on the way to the coal mines at Baldwin, the attendees stop to view the old grade.
Photo by Bob Schoppe.


The old grade leading to the coal mines at Baldwin.
Photo by Charlease Elzenga. 


This view is just north of Castleton following the grade to the old Baldwin mines site
Photo by Bob Schoppe. 


Convention attendees below the Ohio Pass (unfinished) wall
Photo by Bob Schoppe.


The grade leading to the end of the South Park Line.
Photo by Charlease Elzenga.


End of the South Park Line Sign.
Photo by Charlease Elzenga.


Convention attendees visited the Crested Butte Depot which is now an art center.
Photo by Charlease Elzenga.


Chef Chris Cervantes prepares another great dinner for the convention attendees.
Photo by Bob Schoppe.


Another View of the Pitkin Depot.
Photo by Charlease Elzenga.


Brief Summary of the History of the Pitkin Depot
Photo by Charlease Elzenga. 


Vintage street sign in Pitkin.
Photo by Bob Schoppe.


To the left of the road (old grade) and behind the sign
was the old townsite of Quartz. From here the grade ascended
up to Alpine tunnel and behind the photographer was the road to Pitkin
Photo by Bob Schoppe.