Denver South Park and Pacific Historical Society

DSP&P Society Track Work News

🚂 Track Work Days for 2021 🚂
All work days are on Saturday unless otherwise noted.

May 22
The annual WORK WEEK will be from Saturday June 5 THROUGH Saturday June 12th
June 26
July 10 (Sunday optional)
July 24
August 7 (Sunday optional)

🚂 Saturday August 21, Boreas Pass Railroad Day 🚂
While we will not be doing the normal construction work we will need volunteers to help organize the events

September 4 (Sunday optional)
September 18
October 2 (Sunday optional)

The work will consist primarily of track laying,
some rolling stock restoration, and roundhouse/depot maintenance.

Safety Training for Track-Laying Volunteers

video by James MacKay


Como Aerial View July 2021