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🚂 Track Work Results for Summer/Fall 2022 🚂

The 2022 work sessions were very productive thanks to our many volunteers. The big track work goal this year was a major realignment of the track just south of the depot. The track and switch originally laid in 2015 needed to be realigned in order to accurately rebuild the yard tracks. This resulted in taking up most of the summer and thus little new track was laid. Now that this is complete we look forward to a lot of new track being laid in 2023. Also, this year we completed two new switches connecting tracks 10 and 11 and 10 and 5 (where boxcar 8027 is located). A lot of roundhouse improvements were completed, including restoring (and IMPROVING) the roundhouse bathroom which will be greatly appreciated by the locomotive crew working through the winter. Also, the restoration work on C&S gondola 4319 was completed and work has progressed on C&S boxcar 8311.


Bob Revis, Chris Tome and Joey Knous building a new entrance to the roundhouse.
Photo by Bob Schoppe.


Colorado and Southern 4319 Aug 22.


CORE, the local power company, is updating the electrical service to the roundhouse.
Photo by Bob Schoppe.


Gary Nickerson, Cameron Schuelke, Paul Marizza and Jim Scoville 19Nov22.jpg
Photo by Tom Lawson