Denver South Park and Pacific Historical Society

🚂 Track Work Results for Summer/Fall 2023 🚂

The 2023 work sessions were very productive thanks to our many volunteers.

Lunch Highlight Of The Workday

Lunch - Highlight of the Workday.
All Photos On This Page by Bob Schoppe Unless Otherwise Noted

Prep Ground For Track 5 Switch

Preparing the Ground for the Track 5 Switch. 

Newly Laid Ties On Track 5 Awaiting Rail

The Newly Laid Ties on Track 5 Awaiting Rail. 

Mauro And Scofield Drilling Holes On Track 5.jpg

Pat Mauro and Jim Scofield Drilling Holes on Track 5. 

Building The Track 5 Stub Switch

Building the Track 5 Stub Switch. 


Working On Track 5 Stub Switch. 

Boxcar 608 lettering courtesy of Norm Acker.

Boxcar 608 Lettering Courtesy of Norm Acker. 


Boxcar 8311 Before Movement Back Onto the Main. Currently in the Roundhouse for the Winter. 

David Kings working on the pit for stall number 8.

David Kings Working on the Pit for Stall Number 8. 


Crew Repositioning Caboose 1008&s Frame Inside the Roundhouse. 

Working On The Standard Gauge Track In Calhan

Working on the Standard Gauge Track in Calhan. 

Calhan Standard Gauge Track

Calhan Standard Gauge Track. 


Working On Track 5 Stub Switch. 


Realigning the Track 10-11 Switch. 

New Signage on the Depot courtesy of Tom Lawson

New Signage on the Depot Courtesy of Tom Lawson. 


Handcar Rides During Open House Day. 

The SpeedersGivingRidesDuringOpenHouseDay Star

Speeders Giving Rides During Open House Day.  


Finishing Up Track 5 

The Completed Track 5

The Completed Track 5.
Photo by Bob Schoppe. 


Takoda Myers Awarded Volunteer Of The Year. 

The Como Star

The Como Star.