Denver South Park and Pacific Historical Society

DSP&P Society Track Safety

Due to insurance requirements (and common sense) all track laying volunteers must review the following Safety Rules 2019, watch the SAFETY VIDEO and sign the Volunteer Signup 2019 Form and Liability Waiver Form. ALL volunteer workers will be required to comply. Upon completion each volunteer will be issued a validation card good for the calendar year. The video and forms will be available in Como for last minute arrivals.

We also have a link to a historic D&RG safety video. While not required this one is much more "entertaining", and worth your time.

Hard hats, gloves and safety glasses will be provided, along with lunch. If you have your own you are welcome to use them. Steel toe safety shoes are not required but if you have them you should bring them. We hope to lay another 1,000 feet of track this year and look forward to seeing you in Como!


Como Stall Trackwork
Como Stall Trackwork, photo by Bob Schoppe