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Como Colorado Depot - 2009

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            In January 2009 the Colorado State Historical Society awarded the project a grant for $35,000 for the next phase.  Completed in September and early October 2009, this work saw the floor joists repaired/replaced as necessary, the building’s west face raised back to level, and a supporting foundation installed.  Also the west face area was graded for better drainage to preclude any further damage by spring runoff.   The work was completed by Mike Perschbacher and crew of Older than Dirt Construction. Mike’s grandfather and great uncle were South Park railroaders.
           This grant was awarded with the requirement of matching funds in the amount of $13,400.  Our newest partner is the National Trust for Historic Preservation which awarded us a $5,000 grant toward this matching funds obligation.  In addition, Park County helped out with a donation of $1,500 (in addition to buying the stabilization materials last year).  The remainder was raised through individual contributions and from the hotel and depot owners, David Tomkins and Moya Cleaver.
           On October 1st of 2009 the next phase grant request to the Colorado State Historical society was submitted.  If approved, this next phase will see some final foundation work that was unforeseen and thus outside the scope of this year’s work.  In addition, the original wood shake roof will be reinstalled and the chimneys restored.
           The Denver, South Park and Pacific Historical Society is a registered non-profit 501(c)(3) organization, and is sponsoring the fund raising drive for the matching funds requirement for this next and subsequent phases.  If you would like to help this most worthy project, donations would be greatly appreciated (and NO amount is too small) and as such all donations are tax deductible. Receipts will be provided.  Checks can be sent to:

The Denver, South Park and Pacific Historical Society
P. O. Box 26
Buena Vista, CO 81211-0026

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Photo 1

This depot has gone to the dogs  

Nylah demonstrates the 18 inch drop that the depot has settled over the last 70 plus years.  The paint colors were protected from the elements by a foyer that had just been removed to facilitate the foundation work.  The maroon and dark green colors are from the Burlington era, and the light gray and lighter green are from an earlier era.


Photo 2

This photo shows the condition of the floor joist that had settled into the dirt.


Photo 3

Mike Perschbacher explains the repairs to the floor joist that are taking place, and how they will begin jacking up the building.


Photo 4

Mike’s crew has dug out the west face and are beginning the slow process of jacking.


Photo 5

Details of the floor joist repairs and the new support timbers.


Photo 6

An outside view of the floor joist repairs and new support timbers.


Photo 7

The north wall proved particularly troublesome as the base of the wall at floor level wanted to bow out when raised.


Photo 8

Here we see the west face has been raised back to level for the first time in over 70 years.


Photo 9

The rear or east face, while it had remained level, needed new support timbers.


Photo 10

One of the treasures unearthed from the excavation were pieces of the original ticket window.


Photo 11

The depot as it appears today, raised and straightened, with a foundation that Mike says will last “another 130 years”.

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