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Como Colorado Depot - The Beginning

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          Here is the depot as it appeared in 2008, before and after the initial stabilization work.  The improvements depicted here were accomplished last June by numerous organizations:  Colorado Preservation Incorporated; Colorado Mountain College; Park County; Park County Historical Preservation Advisory Commission; Park County Historical Society; Como Civic Association; the Denver, South Park and Pacific Historical Society; and many individuals like you.  Recently we have acquired two more VERY important partners, the Colorado State Historical Society and the National Trust for Historic Preservation.
           This team is committed to seeing the Como Depot restored to it’s circa 1900 appearance and ultimately being used as a Como history museum and welcome center.

  If you would like to help this most worthy project, donations would be greatly appreciated. (and NO amount is too small)   The Denver, South Park and Pacific Historical Society is a registered non-profit 501(c)(3) and as such all donations are tax deductible, and receipts will be provided.  Checks can be sent to;
The Denver, South Park and Pacific Historical Society.
P. O. Box 26
Buena Vista, CO 81211-0026


Sagging and leaning, but still standing after 70+ years of fighting the winters in South Park with little or no maintenance.  It is in sorry condition.   All of these photos taken by Como historian Deb Stremke and DSP&P Historical Society Vice President Bob Schoppe.

Track side view taken May 11, 2008 before any of the stabilization work began. Most of the roofing metal was gone from the west side of the main depot and practically all of the roof was gone from the “L” room at the back.

Roofing metal has been replaced or patched and much of the roof that was rotted out is now replaced.  Bracing can be seen to stop the building from leaning further.


Crew is working to replace the roof on the back room.  Necessary to keep the weather out and prevent further interior decay.


4 X 4 braces placed along the west wall to stabilize the lean.  A temporary measure until the west side of the building can be lifted and a good foundation put under it.


A crew of South Park members laying down new corrugated roofing to help seal up the building.


David Primus, Society Secretary came over from Gunnison to help with the roofing project.


A few more holes to patch, some roofing to put down and the grand old depot will be stabilized until we can obtain funds for serious restoration work.

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