Denver South Park and Pacific Historical Society

🚂 Como Water Tank Project 🚂

Como Water Tank 1930s The Denver South Park & Pacific Historical Society has committed to rebuilding the water tank in Como. This project got started due to the generous support of Richard Severance, John Manley and Jim McBee, along with grants from the Narrow Gauge Preservation Foundation, Park County Historic Preservation Advisory Commission and the Rocky Mountain Railroad Club

Construction is set to begin in mid-July on Phase 1, which will see the tank base built up to the floorboards. We are currently raising funds to complete Phase 2 which will complete the water tank.

The timbers for Phase 1 have been milled and are just awaiting the contractor’s availability.

Phase 2 will commence when funds are available. Donations for this project are always welcomed.

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The tank base will get one more coat of red and then we'll start on the floorboards and the tank itself.
Photo by Bob Schoppe.

Water Tank Base-4Oct2021

Water Tank Base
Oct. 4, 2021.
Photo by Bob Schoppe.

Phase 1 Primer Applied Sept2021

Phase 1 of the water tank will see it completed up to the floorboards and painted. Here the primer is being applied in September 2021.
Photo by Bob Schoppe.


Water Tank Base Taking Shape, August 4, 2021.
Photo by Bob Schoppe.


First Water Tank Column Placed.
Photo by Bob Schoppe. 


The 12 X 12 tank base timbers.
Photo by Bob Schoppe.

First Of Many Are Milled

The first of many 2 X 6s and 4 X 4s are milled.
Photo by Bob Schoppe.


Dan Silbaugh is turning this 12 X 24 into two 12 X 12 tank supports.
Photo by Bob Schoppe.

Dan Silbaugh And Portable Sawmill

Dan Silbaugh and his portable sawmill turned the logs into timbers for the Como water tank.
Photo by Bob Schoppe.

Logs Arrive in Como

The logs arrive in Como.
Photo by Bob Schoppe.

Englemann Spruce Logs Loaded For Trip To Como

Englemann spruce logs from the Wolf Creek Pass area are loaded for the trip to Como.
Photo by Bob Schoppe.