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Ambitions for the Como Roundhouse
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Status of Current Projects - 2014

Returning a steam train to Como: We had the opportunity to obtain a steam engine, track and rolling stock. This equipment was visited and it seemed that it could be obtained and made operational with a conservative investment. Careful business planning, however, demonstrated that the cost of the infrastructure could not be economically justified in spite of the fact that the operation could be confined to the original Roundhouse property.

Archaeology study of the roundhouse property: Assisted by a grant an archaeological survey of the roundhouse property has been completed, although the report is not finished. The study identified the sites of buildings and outhouses below the railroad tenement, and identified many other details of the property. A prehistoric site was identified as well.

Interior view of the Como Roundhouse.

The turntable: Jim Cooley and Steve O'Connell have donated an original narrow gauge railroad turntable pivot. This is the most difficult item to obtain if we are to get the turntable to function. The pivot sat in a field for 30 years or so and was significantly rusted so that no parts moved. The pivot was brought to the roundhouse where Bill Kazel and his mining crew managed to take it apart. It looks like the moving parts are supported by Timken tapered roller bearings. Overall the pivot seems to be in good condition, though it needs help. Before work stopped for the winter Bill Kazel and his crew removed the turntable from the pit and turned it upside down so that we can figure out what is necessary to make the connections and so that the turntable pit can be assessed. A civil engineer has been retained, and we have detailed drawings of the turntable.

We hope to complete this project in the next season. We will need assistance from donations, as there is no grant funding to support this project at present.

Any donations towards the completion of the turntable and future work for the restoration of this amazing and historic railroad building will be greatly appreciated. Please make donations to the DSP&P Historical Society. Mark your donations for the “Roundhouse Restoration and Preservation.” We appreciate your interest.

Donations may be sent to:
The Denver, South Park and Pacific Historical Society.
P. O. Box 26
Buena Vista, CO 81211-0026

The base of the turntable pivot showing the tapered roller bearings.

The pivot top piece.

Turntable in the air! The turntable bridge was removed from the pit to allow closer inspection and preparation for installation of the pivot and ring rail.