Denver South Park and Pacific Historical Society

Colorado & Southern Boxcar #8311

In the April 2020 issue of The Bogies and the loop, Bob Schoppe updated the membership with the news that the DSP&P Historical Society was discussing the possibility of moving C&S Boxcar 8311 from the top of Boreas Pass down to Como for repainting.

Good news! In June, the boxcar made the trip down to Como where it awaits a new paint job


Boxcar 8311 Uhrich Locomotive Works Rebuild Plate, Photo by Bob Schoppe

Unwelding Boxcar 8311 from the Boreas Pass Track, Photo by Bob Schoppe

Loading Up Boxcar 8311 on Boreas Pass for Trip to Como, Photo by Bob Schoppe

Boxcar 8311 at Davis Overlook, Photo by Bob Schoppe

Boxcars 8027 And 8311 In Como, Photo by Bob Schoppe