Denver South Park and Pacific Historical Society

Denver, South Park & Pacific Box Car #608

On September 20th 2019, DSP&P box car 608 returned to Como after its restoration by Older than Dirt Construction in Canon City, the same folks who restored the Como and Buena Vista depots. The lettering will be applied in the spring of 2020. One end and one side have been restored to as built appearance, and the other side and end had missing wood replaced but otherwise will be left “as is”. This is to display its construction and also allows the ORIGINAL DSP&P RR lettering to be viewed. Over time more “bits and pieces” will be added to complete the process.

The box car was rolled out of the roundhouse in Como for display during the 2010  DSP&P Historical Society Convention.
End view of the old #608.  This will be a most interesting job of restoration.
This side will probably be the biggest challenge.  Fortunately the main frame is pretty much intact.
Here is an original view of her sister car at work in an original setting from another original sepia tone photo.
One amazing feature is that the original 1880 DSP&P R R lettering can still be seen.  When the UP "patched" the car in 1885 it did not soak in to the original lead based paint.  The patch eventually faded and the asphalt roofing shingles then preserved the original lettering.
Boxcar #608 Arrives in Como Sept. 20, 2019.
Boxcar #608 Oct. 2019.
Boxcar #608 with Stabilized Sides.
Boxcar #608 with Restored Sides.