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            To adequately describe the work involved in restoring this depot, you almost have to have seen what we started with.  From time to time we will attempt to put in pictures of  the building after its first move.  Then as we began preparing it for movement to its new location.  Finally as we finish up the restoration process.

           This work is a continuing project and each step is made possible by a new grant from the Colorado State Historical Fund.  These grants require matching funds.  As usual we ask anyone who is interested and able to make contributions to this fund.  The next step after this will be the furnishing of the interior.  At this time we would also ask if anyone has photos or details of typical depot interiors to let us know about them.

           The Denver, South Park and Pacific Historical Society is a registered non-profit 501 (c) (3) organization, and is sponsoring the fund raising drive for the matching funds requirement for this next and subsequent phases.  If you would like to help this most worthy project, donations would be greatly appreciated (and NO amount is too small) and as such all donations are tax deductible. Receipts will be provided.  Checks can be sent to;

The Denver, South Park and Pacific Historical Society
P. O. Box 26
Buena Vista, CO 81211-0026

Specify Buena Vista Depot Fund.




1 – Much had to be removed before the move could be made.  This shot shows where the kitchen had been expanded out to the edge of the eaves.  It had to be removed and temporary bracing installed to hold the wall together.  It also shows some of the fire damage that ended its life as a motel office.  The door was originally a window.


2 – This shows the wall replaced back to its original position. The window and back door are once again in place as shown on an original photo. 

3 – The same corner from inside with the windows now in their correct position.  Basic sub wall in place and windows framed.












4 – Interior wall where a brick fireplace had to be removed to reduce the weight of the building and because it wasn’t there originally.  Also the corner of the wall that was left for the ticket window wall.  All of this extra bracing was necessary to add strength to offset the strain of moving the building.

5 – Slightly different angle, but this is the new wall covering the old fireplace and shows the wall with door and ticket window in place.  The beginnings of the replacement lath can be seen.  Where possible the original lath has been retained and will be plastered over as original.

6 – Badly cracked plaster resulted from the stresses of the move and settling into its new home.  Now stabilized all of this will be restored as well as the trim around the door frame leading into the freight room.  Most all of the plaster had to be removed due to cracking and breaking.

7 – The new lath in the rooms of the living area.  Most of this had been stripped off and walls moved.  It is now back in position and will be finished as original.  Notice the new brickwork for the heating chimney.

8 – As the restoration progressed it was discovered that what we thought was a large waiting room was actually two smaller rooms.  As the old plaster was stripped off, it became apparent that the waiting room was about half as large as we thought, and another room was added to the living space.  We’re not sure of its original use.

9 – Detail of the new ticket window.  This was styled partially from the still existing windows in Como and Jefferson.  A plastic sheet is over the space to show one of the iron counterbalance weights for raising and lowering the window.


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