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Welcome to the DSP&P Historical Society

Klondike Kate Arrives From Gunnison, Photo by Bob Schoppe

*** Buena Vista Historical Society Event: Dinner in the Dining Car ***

Pictures from Boreas Pass Railroad Day 2018

Safety Training for Track-Laying Volunteers

Due to an unforeseen problem in the locomotive's running gear the Labor Day weekend operating schedule has been cancelled. We anticipate that the repairs WILL be completed in time for next year's operating schedule — stay tuned.

Track Laying Updates

The Denver, South Park & Pacific Historical Society was established to promote the preservation of the history and artifacts of all the predecessor lines that became the narrow gauge portion of the Colorado & Southern Railway. The Society encourages artifact and equipment acquisitions, as well as dissemination of knowledge about these railroads and their effect on the history of Colorado and the nation.

The Society encourages ongoing dialog pertinent to the history and modeling of the DSP&P and related railroads via discussion group(s) on the Internet. All members are added, if they desire, to the DSP&PHS group, which provides a forum for discussing subjects of railroad interest.

Volunteers Restore Como Depot and Railway - Channel 9 News Feature

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